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Introducing Me

I’m Rebecca Roberts, founder of Thread & Fable. I work closely with in-house teams individually, or bring together specialists and other expert agencies to collaborate as part of Thread & Fable on larger projects, meaning I get the right people in the room to deliver fresh thinking and effective work. 


I’m also really passionate about engaging young people through better marketing and communications. I’ve been sharing Engaging Youth reports since 2018 and have delivered talks, workshops and the Hear It Podcast, as well as this newsletter with that aim. I also co-host the Have You Got 5 Minutes? Podcast, talking about developments, issues and opportunities within the PR, marketing and communications sector. 


Founded in 2017, Thread & Fable has worked with clients across the higher education, sport, charity, youth and public sectors, winning a few awards but more importantly doing work that we’re really proud of. 

Awards + Accreditations

I'm a finalist - Outstanding Freelancer Award - Instagram 01.jpg
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