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What does news media mean to Gen Z?

Blue banner with CIPR logo and white text across that says 'What does news media mean to Gen Z? An investigation into the media habits of Gen Z in the UK.'

I'd been wanting to take a deep dive into what's happening with Gen Z audiences and news media for some time. My previous Engaging Youth reports only touched on the area but with the rise in social first journeys and shifting state of news brands, when I saw the opportunity for the CIPR research fund, I knew this would be my subject area of choice.

A literature review (and a stack of links and references which you may find useful!), new industry interviews and a fresh piece of youth insight complete the report, which aims to outline some of the challenges for audiences and news media brands, as well as how marketers and communicators can best engage Gen Z audiences with news content.

I'll be writing more on this subject over the coming weeks but for now, you can read the report in full here.

Download PDF • 514KB

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